Ingenico 5000 Series, the best in reliable payments

Everything you love about classic payment devices, packaged for functionality and security with a 3” touchscreen and app-based interface.

Move 5000

Hybrid technology

Combines what you love about traditional terminals and smart terminal technology.

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Easy to use

Get setup in minutes with a device that comes pre-programmed to your needs.

99% uptime

99% uptime

We know you rely on your terminal everyday - the 5000 Series is designed to be ready whenever you need it.

Any time payment

Any payment type

Take contactless payments, chip cards, smart pay options, giftcards and more.

Ready wherever you take payments

The Move5000 is completely wireless, letting you operate off of bluetooth, wifi or 3G for limitless payment possibilities - on delivery, at the chair, or at the counter.

Effortless pay at table

Save time and keep your people safe with contactless pay-at-table capabilities. Automatically ask for tips, settle multiple times a day, and assign user-level permissions to your servers.

Contactless Payment
5000 Series

Payments at a distance

The Desk5000 is designed with safety in mind; connect Desk with a customer-facing pin pad, limiting the contact between your staff and your customers.

Upgrade without overspending

Built for affordability and built to last, the Desk and Move5000 can bring your business into the 21st century at the same price point of your current machine.

Payments in distance

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