5 Reasons to Take Your Business Online Today

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In 2019, 28.1 million Canadians made purchases online.

By 2023, worldwide e-commerce markets are forecasted to increase by 100%. Even with this huge potential for new and recurring customers alike, only 4 in 10 Canadian business take orders and payments through their site. This means most Canadians are buying online, but only half of small businesses have a revenue-generating website.

Why does it matter? Because 46% of businesses see an increase in revenue as the biggest benefit from being online — aside from brand loyalty, better customer engagement, and the unparalleled scalability of a digital business. Here are the 5 best reasons to take your business online today.

1. Brick & Mortar vs. Digital Storefront: Why Not Both?

Maybe you’re under the impression your business should be one or the other, online or in-store; maybe you worry about the care and attention a digital storefront would need; or maybe you’re wondering why you need a digital storefront when your brick and mortar is doing just fine.

Taking your business online is less work than it seems, and gives you unlimited access to your key market.

infography about online orders and payments

  • You can run your business 24/7 without boundaries, producing revenue even while your brick and mortar is closed.
  • With a website and social media presence, you can run targeted promotions to reach the best audience for your products,
  • and draw more customers into your physical store by ranking high on Google searches.

Why not both? Because both means you never have to miss a sale. Even when your brick and mortar is taking a break, your online business can continue to bring in revenue and customers.

2. Branding, Consistency and Brand Loyalty

Without a website, blog, or online presence, you’re relying solely on the customers that come into your store to grow your brand reach. Word of mouth and other traditional promotions can help you establish the basics of your brand, but an online presence grows its personality.

By getting online, you have the opportunity to…

  • Connect more readily with your customers’ (or potential customers’) questions,
  • offer relevant incentives,
  • and build up your community on a one to one basis.

3. Do You Look Up a Business Before Visiting? So Do Your Customers

Did you know 97% of consumers check a company’s website or other social platforms before visiting? In fact, 46% of all Google searches are looking for information on local businesses (and there are 63,000 searches happening every second!) Without an online presence, you could be losing customers to your competitors – even ones right around the corner.

When a business is lacking an online presence, it can harm their sense of credibility, reliability, and even seriousness with their potential customers. You’re more likely to catch customers’ attention when you have…

  • A strong Google rank,
  • great reviews,
  • and a stellar site that showcases what you’re about.

Infography 46% increase in sales benefit from being online

Aside from losing potential customers, you can gain influence over new customers before they even walk into your store. Show off pedigrees like local awards, testimonials from happy clientele, achievements, and important business milestones.

4. Catch the 9 to 5 AND the Weekend Crowds

Getting your business running online lets you widen your audience base. With the hundreds of tools and technologies out there that help you manage your business from – virtually – any location, you can catch any customer wherever and whenever they’re shopping.

  • Even if your customers don’t buy online, they can “window shop” on your site before making a decision to pop in.
  • By having your products available online at any time, you give both your regular crowd and new customers the chance to get to know your business.

The best part? Operating online means you have the chance to run your business from where you are – at home, in your store, or even on the beach. Make the most of your business by integrating it seamlessly with your schedule, your needs, and your life.

5. There’s Never Been a Better Time

Brick and mortar revenue may be down for most businesses in Canada right now, but the time and ability to shop online has never been better. Most companies are moving online to ensure they’re staying connected with their old and new customers alike.

With the downtime, you can really focus on your online presence.

Most Canadians are buying online, but half of small business don't have a website

  • Make sure your Google reviews and rank are the best they can be,
  • set up the digital storefront of your dreams,
  • and do it all without disrupting the organization of your business.

In summary: Whether it’s your click rate or your foot traffic, connecting with your customers is always important. By having a strong online presence, you give your customers the chance to get to know your business, find new ways to grow, and give yourself the freedom to achieve this from wherever you or your customers are.

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