Run your business like a pro with Clover Station Duo 2

Engage your customers like never before with Station Duo 2, a powerful point-of-sale that’s tailored to the needs of your business.

Easy to use

Purpose built, all in one solution

With Clover’s intuitive point-of-sale built into a sleek, reliable system, Station is all you need to run your business your way.


Speed & capacity

Station shines during rush hour with top of the line hardware.

Any time payment

Expandable, customizable

Clover comes with 24 apps installed and there are hundreds more available in the app market.

Customer Support


With fingerprint logins, tokenization and cutting-edge PCI technology, Station keeps you safe.

Sales icon

Built-in reliability

Connect Station to your existing Clover devices for a seamless environment.

Stay competitive

Offer competitive cash prices while transparently passing card processing fees to cardholders, increasing pricing flexibility and reducing payment processing costs.

Customer Friendly

Customer-friendly checkout

With customer and merchant facing screens, run a seamless transaction process. Customers have the ability to review their orders, add tips, complete authorizations, take advantage of reward and loyalty programs, pay with gift cards and classic payment methods.

Cut the clutter

Use one device for your payments, order management, loyalty and rewards programs, and clock-in to reduce clutter at the counter and make the order experience better for everyone.

Station duo Dashboard

Check-in from anywhere

We know the feeling of wanting to check in. With Clover, you can run your business even when you aren't in your business. The Clover Dashboard lets you access your terminals, reporting, inventory and beyond, remotely - even across locations.

Get online in style

Create and connect your own online store in just a few clicks. Take orders, schedule pickups and reservations, and take payments.

Plays well with others

Everything you need, working together to help you make money. Connect Clover with your external printer, cash drawer, scanner and more.

Samsung self-service kiosk

Reduced Wait Times

Customization at Their Fingertips

Empowered Customer Experience

Transparent Surcharge Implementation

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Customizable Surcharge Rates

Automated Calculation

Customer Communication

Talech Restaurant Dashboard

Clover was designed with the quick service and fast casual restaurant in mind. Online ordering, customer management and kitchen communications makes Clover your restaurant’s new best friend.

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