Add Mobility to Your Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing

Credit card processing may be the least exciting thing to think about if you’re a business owner.

Luckily, at Paytek we get excited about it for you. We offer dozens of options, products, and services to meet your needs. And one of the most rapidly growing needs is for mobile solutions to process payments. Here are a few reasons you should consider adding a mobile payment option now.

Store Setup Flexibility

The phenomenon of online shopping and accessibility has forced storefront vendors to get creative with how they obtain customers.

One way of doing this is to create a great in-store experience. Current and future generations are be likely to pay a little more to get better quality or to get an immersive experience.

Now, you’re probably thinking that this has nothing to do with credit card processing, but we beg to differ.

Paytek’s mobile solutions offer the opportunity for freedom when it comes to setting up your store because they free you from having to set up a large counter area with a large cash register.

Imagine being able to shift your store around at will or even significantly downsize your current pay station.

Wouldn’t that be a great way to offer more space, more products, and a better overall experience for your customers?

Even if you still need a station for cash or your primary register, it’s footprint can be reduced to give you more room for your real estate to do what it should be doing – helping you sell your products!

Improved Efficiency

Mobile solutions for credit card processing also help to make you or your employees more efficient.

Say your register area has a line backing up, but instead of customer’s becoming frustrated, you mobilize two other employees to take card-based payments off to the side.

You’ve now served more people in a shorter time with the staff that you already had scheduled for that day. And you decreased the amount of frustration your customers experienced.

The mobile solutions we offer give you a wide range of options for processing payments at creative places in your environment.

Off-Site Events

Two of our mobile options offer the instant ability to process card payments off-site.

One uses a built-in 3G connection to process them.

The other links via Bluetooth to your phone, using its connection to process payments. Whichever way you decide to go, the processing is simple, quick, and smooth, empowering you to continue to drive your business.

Easy Add-On

Adding mobility has never been easier, and our robust offerings integrate seamlessly with your other tools. These units tie right in with Poynt or Talech, ensuring that you continue to use every bit of technology and service we offer. Improve your business today by adding mobile payment to your arsenal!

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