Clover Dining: the restaurant point of sale that does it all

Table management, online ordering, contactless payments, and real-time reporting, all through one platform.

Customer Friendly
Clover Flex Restaurant

Mobile POS

Your entire menu on a handheld device. Customizable to your business, including happy hour and discounts.

Clover Flex Restaurant


An enjoyable, seamless transaction experience that's safe and contact-free.

Clover Flex Restaurant

Support with you mind

Running a restaurant isn't 9 to 5. Reach out in multiple ways at any time - Paytek is always here for you.

Tableside, delivery and curbside, Flex is there

Fast, mobile and intuitive, Flex shines at the counter, at the table and on the go.

Clover Flex Restaurant

Send promos and announcements

Clover Flex Restaurant

Receive and respond to feedback

Clover Flex Restaurant

Drive loyalty with a full rewards program

Clover Flex Restaurant

Offer physical and digital gift cards

Contactless order and pay at table

Clover is designed with safety in mind. Generate a custom QR code that allows customers to view and order from your menu online.

QR Code Payment

Connect front and back of house

Keep all lines of communication clear and humming with Clover's Kitchen Display. Create orders and send them to the kitchen when they need to be fired, or send them all together and let the kitchen set the pace.

Seamless Order Integration

Integrate your Clover point-of-sale system with Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats platforms to automatically receive and process incoming orders directly into your Clover system.

Streamlined Order Management

Digitize and centralize order management, improving communication between the kitchen and front-of-house staff for smoother operations.

Samsung self-service kiosk

Efficient Order Placement

Reduced Wait Times

Customization at Their Fingertips

Empowered Customer Experience

Ready to run a seamless restaurant from the palm of your hand? We can help.