Reward your customers with customizable Clover Loyalty

Create unique loyalty programs that allows customers to earn perks, track points on their phone, and get special promo emails.

Affordable Payments

Bigger spend, more often

Earn 60% more per transaction, and increase your recurring revenue by 90% and keep them coming back.

Review Option

Simple, fun, convenient

Customers can download the Clover mobile app and keep tabs on their points - and you can know when your best customers are in.

Soimple Websites

Free with Clover

Launch and manage your reward system right from your Clover POS.

Reward your loyal fans

1. Customize your offers

Create multiple perks to reach more customers, offer points or provide quantity discounts, and more.

2. Sign them up

Enrol customers right at the counter or from the mobile app. Promote your loyalty program on your receipts.

3. Award points automatically

Customers earn points based on the purchase amount or qualifying inventory items – ensure points are authorized.

4. Redeem rewards from the register

Customers will be notified that they’ve earned a reward, and they are able to redeem it at checkout. Add perks to their order on the fly.

Clover Flex Restaurant

Send promos and announcements

Clover Flex Restaurant

Receive and respond to feedback

Clover Flex Restaurant

Drive loyalty with a full rewards program

Clover Flex Restaurant

Offer physical and digital gift cards

The Loyalty App

Give customers a simple way to earn rewards and order ahead at their favourite businesses – like yours.

Make ordering faster with order-ahead and autopay. Available on the App Store and Google Pay.


Clover Mini

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