Converge is an omni-commerce payment solution that offers businesses the ability to accept payments in any payment environment needed, including in-store, mobile, mail/telephone order (MO/TO) and e-commerce.

Converge capabilities:

  • Ecommerce – Charge customers on your website with converge payment gateway Virtual terminal – Accept payments in store with the ease of a computer and a broad range of devices like a pinpad
  • Billing/Invoicing – A great option for small businesses who need a way to send quotes or invoices by email and collect payments online.
  • Recurring payments – Store credit card information and bill on a schedule, whether that be weekly, monthly or yearly

Create custom bills and invoices you can send to customer by email and collect payments online through Converge.

Accept payments in your business with converge virtual terminal, this allows your businesses to accept payments in store with the ease of a computer and a broad range of devices like a pinpad.

Converge accepts:

Debit and PIN debit card

Apple Pay™ and Google Wallet™ mobile wallets

Electronic gift cards, including Fanfare®

Electronic checks and ACH

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)​

You can leverage the Converge hosted payment page and keep payment data completely separate from your business processes and systems or make Converge completely transparent to your customers as a back end integration into key payment functionality.

Easy and affordable payment processing

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